Why Twitter Threads Are So Important?

Twitter threads are one of the many ways you can improve your Twitter growth. Twitter threads are not easy if you want to create on native Twitter apps, whether on web or mobile apps. But still, they are useful.

So the question is: How to make a twitter thread?

Making Twitter Threads

First thing to do for creating a thread on Twitter: you should find your topic. If you found your topic, you can jump straight to Twitter app or use advanced tools like ThreadMaker.

After choosing the certain topic, you should write your tweets. This is obvious  for sure, but you have to keep your attention on few key points:

  1. Tweets must be under 280 characters. This is the limitation of a Tweet.
  2. You have to be careful about formatting; if you don't give any indicators about your tweets which are part of the topic, users may ignore the other tweets. You can include a numerator like "(1/n)" at the beginning of the thread. You can also put it at the end of it - this is a personal preference.
  3. First tweet must be punchy. Otherwise you can not keep the attention of the readers.
  4. Be clear about what you say. In other words you have to keep your clarity as high as possible.
  5. Write your tweets for retweets. This is what makes threads popular. If you convince people to retweet, your tweets might just get viral.

Threads Are Hard

Even if you are good at writing, this doesn't mean you can create successful threads. Beacuse your styling is also as important as the content. We have seen so many threads lost in Twitter beacuse they had no clear indication that it is actually a thread.

For making this as easy as possible we have created ThreadMaker. With ThreadMaker you can easily see your styling and fix issues without even posting to Twitter.

In this quick blog post we give you quick advices about twitter threads. If you have any questions please feel free to ask. We are happy to answer them.