What is ThreadMaker?

ThreadMaker is a tool which makes creating threads easier.


Because Twitter threads are too powerful. You can tell a story or write a whole blog post with them. Only downside, it is too hard create and see whole thread visually.

Adding counter to the thread makes it easiear to read. Trying to split the text buy yourself is hard. But with ThreadMaker, you can see everything visually.

Why website is looking bad/not working perfectly etc.?

Even this is not my first web project, I am new into this field. I have worked for mobile developer for a long time. Now trying to create micro startups for living.

Who made this?

ThreadMaker is made by Onur Genes. You can check his Twitter and Blog.

But for a short brief; He is an entrepreneur, mobile developer and maker. Living with his wife and a cat. Building useful tools for everyone. This a hard task to manage for your whole life. That way, he is waiting for your support. Also he has a company named This company provides solutions for web and mobile development. You can always reach him from contact links or Twitter.

You can ask him eveything from his Twitter account!